NARAC provides plots and reports that show hazard areas, health impacts, meteorological conditions, and geographical information. These NARAC products were developed with extensive federal agency and stakeholder collaboration.

Initial NARAC results may be based on limited information and have a relatively high degree of uncertainty. As field measurements and other incident data become available, expert NARAC staff produce refined products that incorporate this information.

Different standard sets of plots are generated for radiological, nuclear, chemical, or biological releases using interagency agreed upon formats, contour levels, and color schemes.

  • Briefing products: Briefing products are based on NARAC's standard technical products, but are designed for a non-technical audience and focus on key emergency response actions to be considered.
  • Technical products: Technical products are available as one page summaries or as multi-page consequence reports that provide additional information on model inputs, assumptions, and interpretation.
  • Supplementary products: Additional analyses and products may be generated by NARAC expert staff in order to provide supplementary information of use to emergency responders and decision makers.