Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

In addition to the standard products, NARAC can provide analyses of meteorological conditions, particle or plume animations, and model-to-measurement comparisons. Some examples are shown below:

  • Upper left panel: Plume animation from an ADAPT/LODI simulation illustrating change meteorological conditions.
  • Upper right panel: Red dots show computer marker particles used by the NARAC dispersion model to simulate the airborne as weather conditions change with time.
  • Lower left panel: Blue contour areas show NARAC model predicted ground contamination levels overlaid over Google Earth. Small circles show measurement data used to update the model prediction, color coded in the same manner as the contour areas.
  • Lower right panel: Nuclear fallout plot combines ground deposition contours (yellow to red contours), prompt effect radius (green circle), and lofted fallout particles (purple particles).