Specialized Models

NARAC uses specialized computer models to predict the blast overpressure effects from a conventional explosive, and the prompt and fallout effects from nuclear detonations. Examples of such codes include:

  • BLAST: Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) code that predicts static overpressure levels from detonation of a chemical high explosive as a function of distance
  • NUKE: SNL code that predicts prompt overpressure, thermal radiation, and ionizing radiation levels and associated health effects as a function of distance from a nuclear detonation (based on relationships described in DOD's Capabilities of Nuclear Weapons Effects Manual-1)
  • LWAC: LLNL code that predicts the radionuclides generated in surrounding material due to neutron activation following a nuclear detonation, and the ground-shine dose rate due to these activation products
  • KDFOC3: LLNL fast-running nuclear detonation fallout code that outputs gridded fields of ground-shine gamma dose rate or integrated gamma dose from fission products deposited on the ground based on semi-empirical relationships developed from analysis of nuclear weapons test data (primarily used to generate rapid preliminary fallout calculations when more accurate predictions are not needed or are not yet available)