Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

NARAC Web software tools provide authorized users with rapid and user-friendly access to NARAC predictions via the Internet. A customized Web entry point, CMweb, serves as the unified DOE/NNSA Consequence Management Web site for the distribution of Federal Radiological Monitoring Assessment Center (FRMAC) consequence management data and data products, as well as NARAC model predictions. A separate International eXchange Program (IXP) site supports the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and member states under DOE/NNSA auspices. The NARAC Web services other users of the center. All three Web sites are protected using user logins and passwords, encrypted (https) communications, and restricted sharing of information to specific users or groups of users.

The NARAC, CM, and IXP web sites allow authorized users to:

  • Access 3-D plume model results provided by NARAC expert analysts
  • Share NARAC model results, data and other event information with other users or groups of users
  • Generate their own plume model simulations using real-time weather data, numerical weather prediction model output, or their own user-input weather information

Interactive Web tools allow the user to:

  • View plume model predictions at different resolutions superimposed on maps showing highways, local streets, political boundaries, water features, major landmarks or aerial/satellite imagery
  • Save NARAC modeling results as one-page technical plots, multi-page comprehensive Consequence Reports, or Briefing Products in a variety of formats (HTML, PowerPoint, PDF)
  • Output NARAC plume modeling results in Google Earth .kmz or GIS Shape formats for use in other Geographical Information Systems
  • Probe points on a map to determine predicted contamination and dose values at multiple points
  • Display model-predicted plume centerline values (the maximum value as function of downwind distance)
  • Display the meteorological data used to make dispersion predictions
  • Enter and display field measurements